Notice of Closure of AirREGI Service for Android

We would like to notify you that we have decided to discontinue the current version of the Android app on the September 1, 2016.
We would like to thank you for all your contributions to our products and services and we wish you all the best for the future.

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Easy-to-use POS cash register app for Android Tablet

About AirREGI


AirREGI is a POS cash register app that manages sales. The app's highest priority is to support shops with this crucial part of business by combining its simple interface with essential business functions.

system requirements : iPad、iPhone、Android

AirREGI's Features

  1. Sleek

    Simplify your cash register area

    Tidy up and organize the clutter around the cash register by replacing the regular cash register with a tablet. AirREGI is for shops that value a stylish environment.

  2. Safe and Secure

    Broken devices is no longer a concern

    AirREGI stores your data on the cloud so the data will always be accessible even if the device breaks. Get access to old data on any replaced device.

    *All personal information collected through this device is for the purpose of protecting customer's privacy. The information will not under any circumstances be used for provided for purposes other than those specified above.