AirREGI is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that is smart, reliable, and easy to master.
Powering cafés and restaurants,
AirREGI allows users to streamline day to day tasks – enabling businesses to run like clockwork.

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What's AirREGI

Boost your business with AirREGI

Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

AirREGI enables restaurants and cafes to process tableside orders and payments at the touch of a button

Easy Taking Order

Revolutionise Your Way of Working

With up-to-date table and inventory overviews available at a glance, AirREGI's EPOS software can save you time when it matters most

up-to-date table and inventory

Always Be a Step Ahead

AirREGI’s cutting-edge sales reporting tools and offline capabilities means you can enjoy complete control of your business – anytime, anywhere

Sales reporting tool

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Key features of AirREGI

AirREGI is everything you'll need at your venue.
Basic features from order to payment,
and back office features from sales analysis
and inventory, comes in intuitively.
Table Management

Table Management

Avoid playing musical chairs, and have diners sing your praises instead

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Menu Customisation icon

Menu Customisation

Tailor your menu whichever way you like, in next to no time

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Order Management icon

Order Management

When attention to detail matters, AirREGI is an EPOS system you can trust

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Payment Processing icon

Payment Processing

When time is of the essence, be accurate with AirREGI

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Reporting and Analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Make smart business decisions with all of your data at your fingertips

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Inventory Overview icon

Inventory Overview

Put the stocktake clipboards to one side, and let AirREGI do the heavy lifting

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Security and Staff icon

Security & Staff

Keep on top of important topics, even when you are offsite

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Integrations icon


Why work with multiple platforms, when you can use just one

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Enhance your operation with Quandoo

Manage your reservations and tables with the help of the Quandoo app, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.
This allows you to focus on adding more unique value for your business.
Quandoo Booking tabele
Quandoo logo
Reservation platform used in over 17,000 restaurants accross 12 countries.
  • Easily manage reservations and Walk-ins on your table plan
  • Tap on any table to start order taking
  • See guest information like VIP diners, preferences and more...

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3-steps to start


We will make sure the solution is the most adapted to your business over the phone.

Mail and Telephone support


Once you sign up, we will set up an account with your store information.

Menu Registration


Our staff will visit your venue for installation and training, then you are good to go!


Reliable Support

Our dedicated support team is here to support you and available 7 days a week from 9am-6pm GMT

Remote login support

Our support team will solve your issue remotely through screen sharing.

Remote Support
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